@Flimm: sorl-thumbnail was welcomed into the Jazzband organization and project. Jazzband is open to all, and any member of Jazzband can contribute directly to sorl-thumbnail’s GitHub repo. We hope this will encourage more open source programmers to contribute. Thank you @mariocesar for taking this step and for the years of effort in this project.

@Flimm: As part of joining Jazzband, the GitHub repo has been moved to


@mariocesar: We have a new team of mantainers for sorl-thumbnail. I wan’t to encourage all developers that have fixes, forks and new features to talk in the irc channel of the project. irc://


@nikko: Unfortunately I no longer work with Django so my motivation to keep developing for sorl-thumbnail is very low. If you are interested in taking over this project please send an email to explaing why you are the perfect fit for owning this project.