@Flimm: sorl-thumbnail was welcomed into the Jazzband organization and project. Jazzband is open to all, and any member of Jazzband can contribute directly to sorl-thumbnail’s GitHub repo. We hope this will encourage more open source programmers to contribute. Thank you @mariocesar for taking this step and for the years of effort in this project.

@Flimm: As part of joining Jazzband, the GitHub repo has been moved to


@mariocesar: We have a new team of mantainers for sorl-thumbnail. I wan’t to encourage all developers that have fixes, forks and new features to talk in the irc channel of the project. irc://


@nikko: Unfortunately I no longer work with Django so my motivation to keep developing for sorl-thumbnail is very low. If you are interested in taking over this project please send an email to explaing why you are the perfect fit for owning this project.



  • Don’t skip tests when running flake on travis
  • Fix copy/paste typo
  • Fix RGBA mode not compatible with JPEG on PILLOW >=3.7 (#503)
  • Add test for RGBA mode with JPEG (#503)
  • Don’t check EXIF orientation with GraphicsMagick
  • Refactor the Travis build matrix
  • Drop pgmagick tests
  • Add sorl_thumbnail templatetag library that mirrors traditional thumbnail
  • Added testing for Django 2.0


  • [Feature] #480 sorl_thumbnail alias for thumbnail templatetag module added to allow usage in combination with other thumbnailers.
  • [Feature] #145 Python 3 support
  • [Feature] #165 Django 1.5-1.6 support
  • [Feature] #308 Django 1.7
  • [Feature] #290 New DBM based Key-Value Store
  • [Feature] Cropbox option
  • [Feature] Rounded corners
  • [Feature] Vagrant testing
  • [Feature] #89 THUMBNAIL_URL_TIMEOUT setting for retrieving an image with a URL
  • [Feature] #97 New style tag <img src="{% thumbnail obj.image "200x150" crop="center" %}"/>
  • [Feature] Blur support for (PIL) engine
  • [Feature] background_margin filter
  • [Feature] #135 Ability to preserve file format
  • [Feature] #159 Wand engine
  • [Feature] #178 Improved error logging in templates
  • [Feature] #176 Custom CACHE storage
  • [Feature] #191 Added text filters markdown_thumbnails and html_thumbnails
  • [Feature] #187 Padding around the thumbnail
  • [Feature] #201 Flatten images (imagemagick)
  • [Fix] #73 Multipage PDFs and animated GIF support (imagemagick)
  • [Fix] #78 Bad resize when upscale is off and image is small
  • [Fix] Multiple docs fixes
  • [Fix] #82 ValueError errors in orientation (imagemagick)
  • [Fix] #83 open() calls on windows (imagemagick)
  • [Fix] #92 Improved interaction with S3 storage engine
  • [Fix] #94 Display thumbnail if it exists, even if THUMBNAIL_DUMMY is True
  • [Fix] #98 #137 #113 Exif errors (PIL)
  • [Fix] #129 #214 Support for very large images (PIL)
  • [Fix] #39 get_thumbnail doesn’t respect THUMBNAIL_DUMMY setting
  • [Fix] Thumbnail error occurring when file is blank (40fe1b0)
  • [Fix] #148 Error in thumbnail clear command, when storage is empty
  • [Fix] #139 Proper UrlStorage url to prevent HTTP Error 505
  • [Fix] #162 Sporadic IntegrityError when calling get_thumbnail
  • [Fix] #116 KeyError when Image file raw data is not a valid image
  • [Fix] #186 Better expetion handling for AdminImageWidget
  • [Fix] #192 Fixes photo desaturation issue (PIL)
  • [Fix] #203 Remove check if file exists from the templatetag code
  • [Fix] #213 Fixed descriptor leak (imagemagick)
  • [Fix] #216 #217 Fixed OSError handling (PIL)
  • [Fix] #304 #14 Fix AdminWidget
  • [Fix] #274 Fix issue with transparent PNGs: IOError(“cannot use transparency for this mode”)
  • [Fix] #265 Better support for LA mode images in PIL engine
  • [Fix] #261 THUMBNAIL_DEBUG has False as default